Think with Imagination

Jerry Rhodes : Founder

Rhodes' Educational Trust: The Purpose

Imagination, creativity and the skills of metacognition are the essential tools of the mind for your future at work and the future of your children. The Trust brings all these skills to you and your family, drawn from Jerry Rhodes’ unique research and world-wide teaching on Thinking-Intentions.

Work is getting tougher as we collaborate with and control Artificial Intelligence and robots. They can and do supersede our human thinking capacities in many domains, but not all. Uniquely, we humans bring ‘metacognition’ – your precious capacity to think for yourself. You can now access the  tools of Thinking-Intentions for metacognition to help you secure your future at work.

Parents are the most important educators of their children. You are developing their imagination and thinking skills as you listen, talk and play with them. Our family-friendly books, games and activities will help you enrich what you do. They give you easy access to the creative resources of a new pathway into metacognition.

Meet the Magical Thunkies

Home Alone Harry

Our First Children’s Picture Book

Harry is a mischievous young dog, adored by his family, Dad and Mum, Maisie and Max.  Meet the magical Thunkies for metacognition and discover how they save Harry when he causes chaos in the home. 

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