Thunkies - think skilfully

Parents - Meet the Thunkies

Thunkies bring new, child-friendly ways to introduce the thinking skills of metacognition into your family.

How can Thunkies add value to your parenting?

Parents are the most important educators of their children. You are developing their thinking skills continuously as you listen, talk and play with them. Thunkies offer fresh, innovative and fun activities to grow their language skills, effective intelligence and creativity at home, everyday. 

Thunkies are drawn from forty years research into skilful thinking by Jerry Rhodes, Founder of Effective Intelligence. For the first time his unique findings are now directly available to parents.

Home Alone Harry

Our First Children’s Book shows how the Thunkies help a Family.

Harry is a mischievous young dog, adored by his family, Dad and Mum, Maisie and Max.  Find how the Thunkies save Harry.

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