FAQs on How you Think

1.  How reliable is my Profile Overview?

If you responded honestly and authentically to the questions then your Overview is reliable. 
Reliability has been confirmed with thousands of people for over 40 years.

2.  Can I do the Questionnaire again?

You could, but we don’t advise it.  
Why? Because the knowledge you now have about your Thinking-Habits is likely to skew the way you answer the questions. 
So your second Profile might not be authentic.

3.  Can I find out more about my Thinking-Habits?

Yes. More details about your own Profile are coming in the next few months.
We will send you news when they are ready.
The newsletters will also regularly tell you more about Thinking-Habits.

Look now at Thinking on Purpose. 

4.  Can I change my Thinking-Habits?

Yes. Most people want to:
1.  reduce the negative impact of any downsides of their Thinking-Habits
2.  boost the Thinking-Habits that showed up last in their Profile
3.  raise the creative standards and performance of all their Thinking-Habits

To start visit Change Thinking-Habits and over time newsletters will add more guidance.

5.  Can I guess other people’s Profiles?

Yes. To discover the ways your family and friends are similar to or different from you, take time to notice their Thinking-Habits.

You can find lots of practical advice in Guessing Profiles.

6.  What benefits will I get from knowing my Profile?

There are two special benefits.  

• It will help you bring your unique creativity into friendship and family life more often, with greater enjoyment, insight and wisdom.

• It will introduce the secret world of the Thunkies: a whole adventure waiting for you, your family and friends.

7. Can I get all this in a book?

Yes, once our shop is open there will be downloads, print books and ebooks, some free and some paid for.

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