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Parents and Home Schoolers - Meet the Thunkies

Imagine the Thunkies as inviting you into the playground of the mind. They make visible your invisible Thinking-Intentions which are the fundamental drivers of everyone’s thoughts, both parents and children. 

These delightful cartoon characters make learning about ‘thinking’ easy to do and a lot of fun.

Why does this matter?

The most important educators of young children are their parents. From the moment your babies are born, how you think sets the patterns of how they learn to think. You are much more than an influencer; you are their most important educator.

How well you think affects everything you do with your children. Becoming aware of the Thunkies within your family life could be one of the best ways you can give your children that extra special start in life. And you learn together with your children, through play. 

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A weekly newsletter will bring you activities to keep friendship with the Thunkies alive and growing. We look forward to joining with you in this greatest adventure of the mind.

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Thunkies Activities to learn skilful thinking

We send you fresh Thunkies Activities in our Newsletter on Friday afternoons each week. They include games, quizzes, and a whole host of ideas for play, to bring the benefits of developing your children’s questioning skills, creativity and judgement with many other fundamentals of skilful thinking. 

On Tuesdays we send a different kind of newsletter. It explains more about skilful thinking with the aim of giving parents more information and understanding about metacognition. 

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Parents - Meet the Thunkies

Thunkies bring new, child-friendly ways to introduce the thinking skills of metacognition into your family.

How can Thunkies add value to your parenting?

Parents are the most important educators of their children. You are developing their thinking skills continuously as you listen, talk and play with them. Thunkies offer fresh, innovative and fun activities to grow their language skills, effective intelligence and creativity at home, everyday. 

Thunkies are drawn from forty years research into skilful thinking by Jerry Rhodes, Founder of Effective Intelligence. For the first time his unique findings are now directly available to parents.