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Why Thinking Matters

In every enterprise it is people’s thinking that generates real wealth from resources. Of all skills, ‘thinking’ is the most strategic. It multiplies value. When you improve your ‘thinking’ you improve everything. Thinking fuels and enhances all your other skills, so that investment in raising your thinking performance brings returns in all your activities. The key is your ‘thinking profile’ to identify your skills of metacognition – watch this short video.

How Thinking Works

Find out more about your thinking profile and metacognition skills – click here

Thunkies to ‘see' your invisible thinking

The 25 Thunkies give a name and a visual representation to the thinking-intentions that drive thoughts. They are a child-friendly ‘alphabet’ of your faculties for thinking.  Here are the images of them all:

The Green Thunkies

Image of Green Thunkies showing the team leader in the centre and the eight companion team members
So, if you are trying to come up with lots of new ideas, then you need the Green Thunkies.

The Red Thunkies

Image of Red Thunkies showing the team leader in the centre and the six companion team members
Or if you want to ensure the information you are using is accurate and true, that’s what Red Thunkies help you with.

The Blue Thunkies

Image of Blue Thunkies showing the team leader in the centre and the seven companion team members
And the Blue Thunkies? Use them when you are trying to choose what’s the right thing to do.

The Super Thunkies

Image of the three team leader Thunkies, with the Super Thunkie leading them to take action

Thunkies - how can we use them

We all use the same mental tools, though we are not always aware of them. What’s special about the Thunkies is that parents and children can play with them. Together you learn how to think better assisted by the weekly Thunkies activities. 

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