Make new Words

Quirl loves games that make your thoughts jump, twist and twirl to discover new ideas.

Here’s Quirl’s suggestion for a mind-game with family and friends.

Find paper and pencils. 

Pick any two or three words: either from the dictionary, from your thoughts, from the room or objects around you.

To create a new word, mix up the syllables and letters in the words, or drop some. 

For example: Quirl picks TABLE and SETTEE from the room, mixes them and gets ‘SETABLE’

Quirl goes wilder and mixes TERRIBLE and GLORY  and gets  ‘REGORIBLY’

Transict loves to discover what’s implied by all words, and by everything we do and say.

Now Transict joins in and asks “What’s the point of a word without a meaning?”

So Transict asks “What do ‘SETABLE’  and ‘REGORIBLY’ mean?” That’s a challenge.

Of course there IS NO CORRECT ANSWER in this game; just the fun of questing with Transict for what the answer could be. 

Everyone in the game is likely to interpret the meaning of the made-up word using the syllable sounds and their own wealth of vocabulary. 

And a French speaker could interpret these words quite differently from a Dutch person. 

This is Transict at work, looking for meaning