What is metacognition?

You are ‘doing metacognition’ when you think about how you are thinking with the aim to do things better. It’s not only ‘what’ you know that’s important but ‘how’ you use what you know. ‘How’ you tackle what you don’t know is even more crucial. The combination of these factors is metacognition; the supreme mind-skill.

What is metacognition? - from Jerry Rhodes

Metacognition for the future

Uniquely, due to Jerry Rhodes special interest in creativity, the results of his research integrates imagination with critical thinking and emotional intelligence, including empathy. This integration will give you an understanding of how your imagination drives your mind, usually unrecognised and unacknowledged.

Corporate leaders are way ahead of schools in realising how vital these methods are and that’s why, even though he is an experienced teacher, Jerry chose to undertake his research and teaching in leading businesses rather than in schools. The corporate sector understands that effective metacognition is good for business, since a wholistic appreciation of what people can bring to their work transforms the ethos in a company.