Read your Ridges

Splix has a special skill of ‘exactness’.

Splix loves being precise in every detail, which is essential at crucial crunch points: for example, Splix warns “Don’t write to Father Christmas with a vague description of the present you want if it really matters what colour, size, edition, or so on.”

Here’s Splix’s Game for at least two


Look at the back of your left hand, the middle joint of your middle finger.

Count how many ridges it has. And what is ‘just not quite’ a ridge?

Splix explains, “Just not quite is very important when you are being very specific. You have to decide what’s in and what’s out of your definitions.”

For example: Are you looking with your finger lying straight and flat out, or just not quite? It just might make a difference.

Bend the joint 90 degrees and you get a very different answer!

Now Parfit joins in

“Let’s compare ridges on everyone’s hands. Who’s got the most? How different are they?

Fetch paper and a pencil. Can you draw the different kinds of ridges, the funny shapes they make, especially on older family members’ hands.

Now Quirl joins in

“How many different pictures can you create with the ridges: fantastical, imaginative, peculiar, funny?” 

Quirl stretches your imagination inviting you to re-draw many times, elaborating, extending, starting again, going round in another direction…and so on.