What’s your Favourite?

Fervador is suggesting a very simple game.

Over several months, or even several years, you will discover your favourites can change.

What’s your favourite TV Show? 

Who’s your favourite sports person? 

Have you ever thought about which are your favourite spring flowers, summer vegetables and autumn fruits?

What do you most like wearing?

Get a pen and paper and add more favourites to this list.

Now for the interesting bit:

Transict asks: 

“Why? What is it that you specially like about this TV show, sports person, flower, fruit, etc?” 

‘Why’ can be difficult to pin down, unless you compare your favourites against other similar possibilities. 

Then your reasons will become clearer.

You will naturally also call upon Parfit, who loves to compare.

“What do you like about this sportsperson rather than that one?  

“What do you like about this fruit rather than that one? 

What do you like about this flower rather than that one?” 

and so on…

If you complete this game : 

WELL DONE. You have played with three Thunkies to achieve your results.