Your Thinking Profile

"Do you want to know what it is?"

From your home you can access the profile for the first time. Due to the changes brought about by the mass Covid-19 lock-down across the world, and the likely long-term effects, we can offer it to individuals at home for the first time.  How to Start

The Profile in Businesses and Universities

Many thousands, across the world, have completed their profile and received personal debriefs through our licensed network of experienced associates. Their programmes of individual coaching and training, using Zoom where necessary during Covid-19, are all available. If you want to bring the profile into your business for colleagues, then please visit here.

Starting your Profile at Home

We offer you FREE access to the Profile now. If we tell you anything more in advance about the Profile and its content, it will spoil your opportunity to get a true reporting on ‘how you think’.

When you have completed and experienced the depth and penetration of the questions, you can then decide how you want to receive the results.


This is our logo. It represents the elements of the Thinking-Intentions Model of Mind. This was the result of a four year research project, tested with hundreds in several international firms, and launched into the wider world through Jerry Rhodes licensing system. Since then thousands have discovered their thinking profiles which has given them the power to develop and adapt especially in the new situations that everyone constantly confronts.

The biggest change we all face is how we collaborate wit and control Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots. Once you have discovered the fundamentals of thinking, you can then identify what are uniquely human and what are robotic. You achieve this with your metacognitive powers.

In our approach we enable you to:

  • know your own thinking profile 
  • understand how deploy your strengths 
  • smarten up on your weaker areas
  • increase your metacognitive skills – what is uniquely human
  • AND identify, for yourself, how to secure your future with the new world of work that is reaching us even today.